What toppings do you put on YOUR oatmeal?

Sometimes I Have Oatmeal for Breakfast (AKA "The Oatmeal Song") from the "I've Got a Dinosaur on My Head!" album has been responsible for encouraging countless kids to try oatmeal and has even inspired a few adults to give it another try. Apel and his young son wrote this song, collaborating to decide what to add to the oatmeal next. If you hear this song once, you'll be able to sing it on your own.  Download or listen with the links below. If this song makes you smile, please "like," "share," and add to your playlists!

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"I actually find myself (quietly) singing the oatmeal or bananas song at times during the day at work"
- A dad in California

"I smiled through all the songs, but the Oatmeal song made the laugh out loud."
- Peggy, CA

"I loved the song "Sometimes I Have Oatmeal for breakfast."
- Christina, age 5

"I love oatmeal!"
- Gary, age 5

"I liked the oatmeal song because it was funny."
- Jameson, age 5

"Great music with fun lyrics and creative sound effects...My favorite is the oatmeal song :-)."
- Mariann


The Sometimes I Have Oatmeal for Breakfast T-shirt.